Monday, 23 April 2018

Clarins SOS Primers

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times but I like repetition so d’ya know what, I’ll say it again.
It is a crime not to prime!

Your entire face will thank you for taking some time to choose an appropriate primer for your skin. 

There is literally 0 point investing in a mega awesome foundation if the canvas you are applying it to has not been prepped correctly.

Not sure what kind of primer you need or where to start? Lucky for you then that Clarins have got it covered with their range of SOS Primers.

Available in 6 different varieties, each primer has been created to target and correct a specific skin concern. Whether you’re suffering with a dull, uneven complexion, redness or dark spots, sallowness or just plain tiredness, there’s a primer to help your skin appear more radiant and beautiful.

Oh, but before I launch into descriptions of which each primer does you should know that each variant contains organic sea lily extract to help keep your skin hydrated and features an anti-pollution complex of nipplewort extract, white tea and furcellaria to help protect against harmful environmental aggressors. 

Good eh?

I was lucky enough to test out Universal Light (00), Green (04) and Lavender (05) which I’ll go into in just a moment but there are three other variations also available.

First up is Rose (01), a colour corrector that works like an energy ‘cocktail’ to instantly boost tired skin thanks in part to its pink pigments which help to restore a fresh-looking complexion. 

Banish imperfections with Peach (02). Thanks to its beige coloured pigments this colour corrector helps to conceal dark circles, visible veins scars leaving your skin looking fresh and flawless instantly.

If you suffer with dark spots and pigmentation issues then Coral (03) is the primer for you. Its light orange pigments help to counterbalance the blue shade of dark spots to instantly even out skin irregularities. 

Now onto the ones I tested!

If you suffer with redness then Green (04) is going to be your go-to primer.

Its colour correcting green pigments help to minimise the look of redness by counteracting the redness of your skin with its mint green hue.

If sallow skin is more your concern then Lavender (05) will sort you out in no time. 

As you may expect, lavender pigments in this primer help to even out yellow skin tones, revealing a brighter, more even complexion.

Not entirely sure which primer you need, then Universal Light (00) has got you covered.

This pearly-white, radiance boosting bad boy will help to instantly brighten your skin thanks to its spectacular light reflecting qualities.

Lightweight, non-greasy and instantly absorbed into your skin, these primers do a brilliant job at preparing your skin for makeup application.

Skin tone is evened out. Imperfections are blurred. Skin looks radiant, feels soft and smooth and is prepped and ready for the day ahead.

Clarins range of SOS Primer’s are available now and cost £26.50 each.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Mai Couture Blotting Papers

As the lucky owner of oily/combination skin it’s pretty much a constant battle to stay on top of the shine that gradually spreads it way across my face throughout the day.

Throughout every day, regardless of whether it’s a stinking hot, makeup-melting day or a freezing as hell day.

It’s inevitable that at various points throughout my day I’ll catch a glimpse of my reflection and find myself confronted with a beautiful greasy-sheen nose and chin that looks so shiny you could fry an egg on it.


Of course I usually just dab a little translucent powder onto the offending areas and I’m back to my mattified best, however by the time you’ve done this fifteen-billion times a day my make-up starts to  look (and feel) a little cakey.

Not ideal I’m sure you’ll agree.

Of course, I’ve invested in some pretty fab primers and foundations that help to balance and combat said oiliness as much as they can but sometimes that’s just not enough to keep it at bay.

I’m going to be honest here and admit that I totally forgot that such products even existed but I was recently introduced to Mai Couture Blotting Papers and I hand on heart have no idea how I have gone SO long without these in my life!

Mai Couture is a fabulous little brand created by makeup artist Mai Tran. 

Available from Beauty Mart the brand comprises of a range of cosmetic papers that have been formulated to remove excess facial oil for quick and easy on-the-go touch-ups.

Available in three different varieties, Bamboo, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C & E these blotting powders are the answer to my skin’s greasy prayers.

Packaged exquisitely in super cute, compact booklets these paraben and talc-free sheets are the quickest and easiest way to remove excess oil from your skin without ruining your makeup or adding powder, resulting in a cakey, heavy look. 

Each booklet contains 60 sheets and the Vitamin C + E Blotting Paper features micro encapsulated antioxidant skincare vitamins, so while you’re blotting you’re actually delivering some fabulous vitamins to your skin too!

The Rosehip Oil papers features rosehip extracts which are rich in vitamins C, E and Beta-carotene as well as essential fatty acids which help to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth while the Bamboo Charcoal papers are infused with purifying bamboo charcoal to help draw toxins and pollutants away from the skin.

I know right. And here I was thinking they were just getting rid of my unwanted shine when actually they are giving my skin a little helping hand in the beauty stakes too!

My current favourite is the Bamboo variant, purely because I get a serious amount of satisfaction when applying the paper to my face as I can see it turn a darker shade of grey as the oil is absorbed from my skin. 

Priced at £10 a booklet I’ve fallen hard for these papers which I’d say are 110% a handbag staple for every single woman!

You can get your own Mai Couture Blotting Papers now from Beauty Mart where they cost £10 each.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Rifle Paper Co. For L'Occitane

The Iconic Shea range of products from L’Occitane is one of my all-time favourite collections from the brand.

Rich in sustainable, fair trade shea butter the collection allows you to pamper your skin from top to toe, nourishing and protecting your skin when it needs some serious TLC.

I’ve been a mega fan of their Multi-Award winning hand cream from the collection for as long as I can remember and no other hand cream comes close to its skin softening and moisturising abilities.

Containing a whopping 20% shea butter content it gently nourishes even the driest hands, leaving them feeling soft and protected without a hint of greasiness.

Imagine my joy then when I caught sight of my beloved hand cream adorned in the most beautiful illustrations!

The captivating designs have been created by Rifle Paper Co. exclusively for L’Occitane.
For a limited period of time the cult Shea collection has been decorated exquisitely to reflect and bring to life the natural beauty and gardens of Provence.

Rifle Paper have captured the scents, lights and textures of the South of France and the resulting images feature leaves, nuts and shea blossoms which blend together beautifully on a light and fresh colour palette.

Anna Bond, Rifle Paper CO. ‘s co-founder and Creative Director says of the collaboration;


 “I started Rifle Paper Co. with the hope of bringing beauty to the everyday. I’m thrilled to partner with L’OCCITANE, a brand that shares the same sense of small pleasures, as we create a custom collection inspired by the gardens of Provence.”

It is a really gorgeous collaboration and I can’t help but wish that the hand painted designs were a permanent addition to the line- they are just so pretty.

L’Occitane’s Shea Winter Recue Tin (£25) looks particularly stunning dressed in its new colours.

The tin contains the best of Shea Butter hand and bodycare products in one lovely little package. 

The perfect companion for travelling or indeed as a gift, the set contains a travel-size Shea Butter hand cream, a Body Scrub and their 25% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream. 

It’s a gorgeous little gift!

The limited edition illustrated collection won’t be around forever so if you’ve fallen in love too then you’ll need to head over to their website ASAP!
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